Breaking the Matrix

Let's start this article with the lost civilization topic. Where ancient civilization go? Are they still here in the 3D or in the higher realms? In the book, The three waves of volunteers on Earth by Dolores Cannon shows that people on Earth are having a close relationship with ETs and this connection goes way back in time. This information in my perspective means that they have planted seeds on Earth and they are taking care of us in this ascension. According to Barbara Marciniak, she says in her book '' Earth'' that the ancient civilization was created by thought.'' They were impulsed into being all the cultures that achieved high ideas were conceived of by the Game Masters.'' In lots of the Hollywood movies we see the floor is black and white looks like a chess board , if we think for the movie '' The Hunger Games'' we clearly see that everything is a game for the Elite , they enjoy seeing us helpless and dying, but as soon as Katniss Everdeen was in the Game she changed it by breaking the magnetic field so they couldn't load they holographic illusion upon them, which reveals that they have put this illusion to get us distracted from our real purpose. In the movie, they create dogs by using a program which eventually appears real to the game players because of how they have been programmed only if they don't believe they disappear. The same happens in real life if we remove the distraction we can create our reality by our own thoughts sending electrical signals from the nervous system to the cosmos. I believe the existed of the Guardian Angels are also our creating of thoughts. We have just lived so limited not believing in ourselves that we struggle with life. They trigger our emotions because they feed off our energy, by stirring up our feelings to fear, anger and negativity, they win. Master your feelings and lift your frequency to a higher vibration and stop being a fuel to them no more. The veil is lifting so we are getting not as easily trick as we used to be. Keep your thought always positive the key to higher vibrations is LOVE. Our bodies are constantly bombed by lower vibrations coming from the rings of Saturn, which are actually made of crystals. The crystals purpose is to gather that memory of the vibration and emit it to our planet Earth. We are getting higher frequencies too which are helping us to start the process of awakening and breaking the limits that have been upon us for such a long time. From Astrology point of view, I have learned that Saturn rules all rocks, crystals, and stones, but also the skin as an organ and our bone structure. Also, Saturn is called the Father of Time or Chronos, which brings to my mind how we are all programmed to think our bodies will age with time when time really is not what we perceive it to be. Considering this fact we are living in Saturn's reality covered with skin which is also ruled by the same entity thinking we are limited beings. My conclusion to all this is that we need to break free from those low vibrations in order to get out of this illusion and to realize we are much more then we think we are, we need to believe we have come here with a higher purpose and develop our own skills so we can finish our task. I believe we are here to raise the vibrations of our planed and make it a better place full of LOVE. The movie '' The Matrix'' also reminds us of the fake reality program we are all plug into and how to escape. We, as a Pleiadians are a Game Master Experiment '' says Barbara Marciniak. Earth was created to serve as a Living Library for the galaxy, but of course, its free will on this dimension allows all to be created here. When the greedy gods came on earth they wanted to invade it and claim as their belonging, they changed our DNA and that's how we got distracted from the Divine Will we have all been created for. Eventually, the light will conquer darkness,because the darkness is a lack of knowledge that has not been used for the greatest good while the light is knowledge. Knowledge is Power and applied knowledge is Freedom. Let's focus on the main purpose we are here to REMEMBER it is all in our DNA. We know we are water inside even in our cells, so if the water is proved to have a memory that speaks for itself about our body. The cells remember everything storing it from the plasma that is water to the DNA after the body dies all the memory is then transferred to the consciousness of the person and passed again in another vessel (body) for next incarnation. That is how we end up having all the fears and talents and wisdom from all our past lives. How we can tap into higher realms? - Ayahuasca tea - by drinking it we connect with our Higher Self, we unlock the hidden information and without even knowing it we are emitting this information from the inside of the planet out which raises the mass consciousness. - A deep state of Hypnosis - Life between Lives will help us tap into past incarnations and even to our preparation before we incarnated into the physical body, which will help us reveal our purpose here. Connection to our teachers in the higher realms will be made .-Tapping into our inner cellular memory- it is proved that water has memory, so our bodies made around 70% of water still hold the information that we need. The plasma in the cells has encoded data if we connect it to the nervous system we will be able to remember. Our DNA changed and eventually this connection was broken, but still remains in the cells even unplugged from our mind.We live in a great time, great discoveries are made and the truth will start being spread through the masses. The chaos will bring the system to break and we will rebuild the PEACE once again. In this hollow Earth that we are a holographic image, I believe the lost civilizations will show up just on time to help us. '' The Seven Keys of Higher Levels of Consciousness'' from the Emerald Tablet - The Principle of Mentalism - ( The Universe is mental, the ALL is Infinite Mind, which is the fundamental reality and the womb of all universes) - The Principle of Correspondence - ( Whatever is Below is like whatever is Above and vise versa, to accomplish the miracles of the ONE)- The Principle of Vibration - ( Nothing rests, everything moves and vibrates) - The Principle of Polarity- ( Everything has its rise and fall, its equal pendulum swings to the right and left) - The Principle of Causation -( Every effect has its cause and every cause has its effect, all proceeding by Law, not by chance )- The Principle of Gender -( Everything has its Masculine and Feminine aspect ) To sum up I would like to say that learning to communicate with the nonphysical existence will be a great help and also don't forget to hold the frequency of your body, mind, and soul as high as possible. Master your emotions and direct them in a way so they serve you, stop being a Fuel for the Elite. Blessings and Love, Tanya Hadzhieva

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