The flower analogy

Welcome to the Future of healing, Allow me to share a story with you. While I was studying the first course of Reconnective healing with Dr.Eric Pearl, we talked about the Kirlian photography. For all of you that are not familiar with this type of photography I will share some historical background before I carry on with the story. What does a Kirlian Photography capture?Kirlian photography equipment captures a subtle field of electromagnetic energy that radiates from all living things, otherwise known as an aura. In Western religious traditions, you can often see it portrayed in art as a halo surrounding saints or Deity. In Eastern religious traditions, it is thought to emanate from the chakras—or centers of energy within the body—and is often depicted as a multi-colored body of light surrounding a person.For centuries, specialists who have been able to “see” auras without the help of an aura photo have explained that the colors exhibited in the aura have specific meanings. As a result, Kirlian Photography has been used to reveal important information about a person’s emotional energetic state—such as identifying the signs of rising energy-stress, allowing you to address the issue before physical symptoms arise.

The energy field still exist around the cut part of the leaf.

In the course we talked about a leaf that was cut in half and then captured with the Kirlian photography. As you can see on the picture above the leaf still shows the energy field like before it was cut. According to my analogy what if you cut a flower to put in a vase and it stays alive for a couple of days not only because it sits in water, but because it still has this supporting energy field around it, just like before it was cut. The same analogy can be said for people also. We are not just a physical body that needs food and water, but we also need our energy to be balanced in order for us to function properly and to be alive on this plane. We come to the conclusion that everything around us is made of energy and that is why I strongly believe energy healing is the future of medicine.

Thank you very much for reading this story. I am sending you postive vibes your way. Love and Light, Tanya Hadzhieva Reconnective Healing Practitioner Human Design Analyzer International Speaker Invite me to speak in your town by emailing me on :

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