Human Hair vs. Animal fur for clothes

One night I was in my bed thinking about the chaos that is covering every place of the planet and because I love animals and I would like more people to start being more emphatic and caring about them I had an idea coming to my mind. Why not putting human hair on jackets and bags instead of animal fur knowing that they are still alive while being tortured for their fur? I decided to see on google if someone else have already developed this crazy idea and luckily I found Alix Bizet and I immediately emailed her to share my idea and congratulate someone who have the courage to stand up against all the norms and what all media is brainwashing us now. The world needs more people like her to bring awareness to the ones that are still asleep and do not see clearly what is going on and what is behind the scenes of the fancy bags, jackets made of leather and so on. Bringing awareness to the young generation for helping animals and the earth and using more resources that can help the earth's destruction is crucial. Here is a little bit about her": ''Alix Bizet’s project is a development of an existing project, Hair Matter(s), in which she proposes human hair as a design medium.Exploring anthropological themes, Alix’s ambition is to initiate discussion through the material she collects. Exploring London by postcodes and through its local communities, she engages diverse groups of people in the use of hair as a practical material and the ethics of its use. Her collaborative approach examines the idea of ownership, reframing her role as a designer. She employs traditional textile techniques, such as wet-felting transforming the hair into a pliable sheet material. She tests other techniques and treatments to alter its appearance and therefore influence the reaction to the textile.Alix’s participatory method of working engages different groups, creating debate around social customs. She investigates the connotations of our hairstyles, questioning cultural perceptions and identities associated with hair types. Crafted with hair fibres the final garments represent the stories and cultures woven into the social fabric of a diverse city'' . If you would like to read more or support her, please visit her website: . Let's spread the word and prevent this from hapaning for a better future where we will all live with peace with animals and nature like we used to long time ago.Thank you for sharing this story.

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