The third war is internal

This message is to all people who claim to love GOD and still are driven by their ego most of the time. You can not have a pet and still eat meat everyday for me there is something wrong with people all around the world now, you either love animals and protected them or you do not and you eat them there is no middle side of the coin.It is like to say I love money I work everyday so hard to make a living, but I start the fire place with money using them as a paper for fun, it's just doesn't make any sense, does it? Do we really need animal fur for bags, clothing and so on to make us feel happy or to show our class ( proving to be rich) by using cruelty to everything that moves? No, we do not. Knowing that human hair has been used long time ago for the same purpose we can now start educate more and more people to make the change we need to live in a peaceful environment.All this killing, cruelty and chaos to me is the ego speaking and we should open our hearts to the love of nature, animals and God. I personally believe GOD is GOOD, he does not want us to sacrifice animals for him or anything related to human sacrifice all this sounds like worshiping the demonic spirits and gins. Let me quote something from Genesis 9:3 ''Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.'' 9:1-3 The blessing of God is the cause of our doing well. On him we depend, to him we should be thankful. Let us not forget the advantage and pleasure we have from the labour of beasts, and which their flesh affords. Nor ought we to be less thankful for the security we enjoy from the savage and hurtful beasts, through the fear of man which God has fixed deep in them. We see the fulfillment of this promise every day, and on every side. This grant of the animals for food fully warrants the use of them, but not the abuse of them by gluttony, still less by cruelty. We ought not to pain them needlessly whilst they live, nor when we take away their lives.''Matthew Henry The biggest challenge we are all now facing in this century is the internal war that is going between the mind and the heart. Love vs. technology and money, we need to be more open to love and to feel and be emphatic to what is going around us, rather than thinking and using technologies to kill each other for money,power and greed. Time has come to prove we are made of light and God is our creator, do not fall back for all the shiny toys around you, they are made for our distraction. All of us need to take responsibility for our daily lives and our daily choices that we make, all this injustices to animals, plants and people will come to hunt us. You may say - No,I am dealing only with my life and my neighbor can suffer his own karma. To a certain extend you are right, but keep in mind we are all ONE. We are woven together and there is no separation, it is just an illusion we need to pass by and see the clear picture.We ,the people, make the change, we have to demand and stop supporting the big corporations for a better world of freedom. When you see people in the store instead of reacting to an action like - If I do not buy this chicken someone else will so it is pointless, turn around and educated them with love that they can start making the change NOW.

The third war is the hardest one because we all need to face our shadows and embrace them for what they are and decide to turn them into light. Remember darkness is only the absence of light nothing more and remember we are all connected and we can feel each other sadness and love. Choose the light. Make the change for a better future. Love and light yours, Tanya Hadzhieva If you like this article, please share so we can spread the light or comment if you have suggestions for future topics. Thank you all and may all beings be happy!

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