LIFE AFTER DEATH (My Journey to Veganism)

It was a hot sunny Friday august afternoon when I was walking in the park with my dog, within a split second hell broke loose, my dog was attacked by another dog, after hoping the fight would stop after a few seconds it did not, it seemed like my dog was going to be badly hurt or even killed, i couldn't stand and watch anymore and took matters into my own hands to rescue my dog, I managed to separate them while the other owner did nothing, in doing so the dog then attacked me and bit my left hand and locked it in its jaw, I was pulling my hand but it wasn't going anywhere I managed to break free from its jaw after 10 seconds then was bitten under my armpit, eventually the chaos stopped as I was on the ground covered in blood but just happy my dog was safe. I had puncture wounds in my body spending days in hospital in very bad pain and sometimes in tears, it made me think and evaluate the love I really had for my dog and came to the realisation of the pain & suffering other sentient beings go through just so we can satisfy our tastes buds and stomach, at this time I was still consuming meat and dairy, but had been going through a change in my life spiritually where I was studying alternative subjects like Astrology, Chakras, Ancient medicine and many other esoteric sciences. Just before the incident I remember hearing that in ancient Hindu beliefs it was said that eating the flesh of animals would mean you would eaten by them, the universe was sending me a message. I then took my studies even further getting deeper and deeper meeting new people online and via social media studying the esoteric sciences, towards the end of 2015 my younger cousin decided to go Vegetarian which was another sign I took seriously after taking a long good look at how bad 2015 was for me. It was time to change my life. On January 1st 2016 i decided that I couldn't lie to myself anymore and did not want to participate in the murder of Animals, so initially I became vegetarian only for a few months then becoming vegan, announcing to my family and friends I wouldn't be eating meat anymore. Naturally this raised many questions from the people around me on why I was doing it. It was for various reasons, like i stated the love I had for my pet made realise I was being a hypocrite caring for a dog while eating other animals, secondly throughout my life I had always been overweight and had no discipline in my food habits having a lot of junk food and meat, stopping it would only lead me towards a plant based diet and to explore new way of living, thinking and feeling. Many people do not realise that consuming death and blood only leads to a low vibration and diseases and is a very big factor in why many of our loved ones keep dying from Cancer, the more I studied every day it was getting clearer why life didn't go to plan and why I was unhappy. Fast forward 18 months and I can honestly say my life has changed, I can't get enough of fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, I am up at 6am every morning with loads of energy, my mind is a lot sharper and feel much more connected to to nature and met many amazing likeminded people. I feel lighter and less heavy, I have shed 1.5 stones (10kg) as a Vegan diet helps with toilet habits too. I still have a long way to go in terms being more disciplined in relation to the amount of food I consume, and trying to cut out the junk food which there is plenty of, once in a while it may not be damaging but too much junk may turn us back to lower vibrations. The bottom line of the story is a plant based diet gives you life and love and a meat and dairy diet gives you death and depression it's an easy choice once you take time to study, if you told me that I would have become vegan 3 years I would thought you was crazy, but life can change in an instant and you are the only one who can change it, and you can start right now Thanks for taking time to read this l will be writing an article on diet relating to chakras & Astrology where I will delve more into detail about specific foods, herbs and tissue salts, coming very soon Peace, Love & Blessings Mehmet Deveci

Mehmet Devici

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