Emotions cure & curse

Nowadays everybody talks, reads, writes about emotions. They are probably the most complex part in a human being. Dancing, art, music everything around us is triggering some kind of emotion in us and as we all know shallow projects of movies or songs sang through the nose rather than the diaphragm do not touch our heart so we are less likely to buy the ticket to that movie or see that concert. But what when It comes to LOVE ? Every emotion of a person since they were born is stored in the muscles as well as in our cellular memory thus we are prone to developing a dis balance or so called disease when we overload ourselves with blocked emotion we have not released during the years. One of the ways to clear your body from emotional attachments is to cut the cords to all exes you have ever been in your life so you can withdraw your power back to you. This can be done vie physical, emotional and metal release. Just imagine the face of the person you wish to cut of your life feel the emotions that bring disturbance in you and by reliving it accept what is has been done wrong towards you and find that need of the inner child and ways to fill it up yourself. As you have emotionally gone though that period cut a sting or a cord whatever you have in the house with scissors and imagine how this person and everything connected with you is leaving your body filling you with radiant light.Repeat that for all of your past relationships. Emotions can keep us in a loop of being in fear or depressed or even causing us to hate ourselves because of some emotional trauma, but they can also be the cure of this curse. Just like a snake bite can only be cured by the venom of that snake so fighting fire with fire is the right way to describe it. Emotions ca cure us all we need to do is just be more receptive, open and sensitive. If you are in a relationship the best way to strengthen this connection is to feel and be receptive. For example when you are cuddling in bed be naked instead of having bunch of clothes this will strengthen your immune system as well. The skin is the biggest organ in our body and also communicated to us. Every cell of the skin in contact with another exchange vibration that is why sleeping naked and touching the other person's body is vital to improve connection between couples. If you are depress or anxious or you have emotional blockage use emotions to defeat that feeling inside you. Most of the time when we feel like that means our inner child's spirit feels neglected and needs LOVE not only form the outside but also from deep within. Have the courage to love as love is the most powerful feeling in this world it always brings creativity, health and success when people are tuned to this frequency. Strengthen your relationships even if they are old you can always bring them back to live. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend filled with love and light!

Yours, Tanya Hadzhieva

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