My story with Reconnective Healing

Dear Friends, I would like to share my personal story of how I got into Reconnective Healing. It is always through the loss of a dear person that we transform or at least that is what happened to me. When I first got to read the book ''Heal Others, heal yourself'' by Eric Pearl I was feeling the frequency back then, but what happened the same night was extraordinary! I went to sleep and a bright light woke me up during the night. It was so bright that blinded me, it was in the corner of the room came towards me and vanished! In 2010 I lost my grandmother and she was everything to me - a friend, a parent and the only one person who truly believed in me. The last time I spoke on the phone with her was the night she died and I never got to say goodbye. I lost her so sudden that it was a complete shock for me I was in a terrible depression month after the funeral. I was caring so much emotional trauma and partly blaming myself even though I had nothing to do with it. I left for USA 2012 I had an amazing summer in Ohio and many more I was coming back to the USA every summer and eventually decided to stay and study there. Deep down in my soul, I was still searching for ways to connect with my grandmother in the spiritual realms. I started studying Numerology, Astrology, Human Design and a lot more different aspects of the spiritual plane. I got introduced into Reconnective Healing 2015, I signed up for the Online course and then finished the practical one in Barcelona, Spain. For me personally, it was a life-transforming experience. I finally came to peace with my loss and opened my Heart for what is to come. Reconnective Healing helped me to understand that energy is never lost and even though I could not touch my grandmother I know she is still present in my Heart. It also made my life more coherent and balanced. I used to rush into things and have no patience, but now I see the change. The change starts inside of us not somewhere there in the outside world. I also learned that I am already ENOUGH and WHOLE as a person and I do not need to fear any obstacles that may show in my life. FEAR is only - false evidence that appears real and if we face them we will see them dissolving. I encourage you to be strong to follow your dreams, do not fear transformation in our life it is inevitable, but it is for our own good. As people say '' What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger''! If you want to transform your life for the better Reconnective Healing is the way forward!


  • Brings you back in to balance by connecting you to the source of all healing - The Universe

  • Enhances and accelerates your healing - physical, mental, spiritual and/or emotional.

  • Makes you better able to deal with stress and conflict situations.

  • Removes trauma in a non-traumatic way.

  • Assists those in recovery from drug/alcohol afflictions.

  • Removes emotional blocks/interference.

  • Enhances mental processes.

  • Helps the creative process.

  • Instils confidence, self-worth, self-belief, clarity, focus.

  • Repairs damaged DNA Make the change today as you never know if you have tomorrow! With the virtual clinic, you get healing no matter where you are in the world!

  • Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Sending good vibes your way! Yours, Tanya Hadzhieva

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