Self-Projected Projector Insights

My experience with Human Design has been life transforming. I first started studying the Design 2015 when I was still living in Maine,USA. I personally find this chart and everything in the books I read at that time really appealing to me. When I was a child I was being constantly pushed to become what my parents wanted me to be. My dad's wish was to be a lower and my mum's to be a doctor because those were the jobs in Bulgaria you can make money of. They did not care about what I really wanted to do with my life. Back in High School I was really talented in Literature and writing poems as wells as dancing and painting. For my parents that was just a hobby and they encouraged me I could never make money out of art. I still remember my child's dream of being a vet and helping all the animals. I used to gather homeless animals and even birds with broken wings to cure at home. My dad's garage was my healing space for animals and the car was parked on the drive way. As a projector with a Defined G Center I always new my direction and I have had a strong sense for Identity in my life. Even though all my girl friends were smoking and drinking they could not distract me to become one of them. Which I believe is connected to my G Center. Apart from the G Center I only have a Throat Center defined which helps me to speak from my heart or as we call it HIGHER SELF. When I was at school I was having the lack of confidence even though I was an excellent student and always had some rewards and certificates, but deep inside me I was insecure. As a small child when I was 7 I remember I was too emotional and over reacting, always being the drama queen. I now know this is connected to my emotional center that is open and that I have been absorbing everyone's emotions around me thinking they are mine. Studying the design really helped me with my life. I wish I knew about this way earlier in my teens that would have changed the world for me. Now I know that I do not have the filter for emotions and to be really careful. Another aspect that I learned form my design was my immune system. The center is open which means I am prone to being affected by different people, food and environment. In my life so far I have change quite a few countries to live in such as USA, Spain , Bulgaria and now UK. They have all affected me in a different way especially the food. As a self- projected projector I learned that I do not need to wait for an outside invitation in order for me to get into action. The invitation can come from my Inner Self. More and more I observe the type of aura that I have and use it to help people. The projector aura is penetrating deep into the other person getting straight into the core of their being and triggering what hurts the most and provoking them for change. My aura type is allowing me to project even if I do not have the physical tools for healing, which helps me to work from a distance. I am a Reconnective Healer now and I find it easy for my energy to penetrate the other and bring healing into their core and help restore balance. I no longer pay attention to my parents or friends projections towards me and I treat them as a gift instead of a curse. I understand that their projections have nothing to do with me and my path of life is my own and I am responsible for whatever happens and what I manifest. Human Design has completely changed the way I look at myself and I look at my life. It can do the same for you. If you would like to know more about yourself, please contact me via email and I can read your chart. Love and light, Tanya Hadzhieva Reconnective Healing Practitioner

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