Metal Jewellery

Spring is finally here and we are ready to wear more colorful clothes and of course lots of jewelry. There is one red flag we need to be aware in order to stay healthy. Wearing braclets, rings and necklesses for extensive amount of time more than 4 hours a day can be dangerous for our health. The closed circyle metal jewelry can cause meridian blockages. Due to the blockage the energy of the meridians on our body will not flow and we can have a problem. If you want to wear your favorite neckless or braclet near the buckle make an inconspicuois thread link. Which will allow the energy to flow.

Let's look back in time Baroness have put jewellery only during parties and after that they have put them in boxes.Egypsian Goddesses have used them really wisely as they had created most of their jewellery with an open end.

What happens when we wear it unwisely: When we put a closed metal braclet on the rist we interupt at the same time 6 meridians - HEART, SMALL INTESTINE, TRIPPLE WARMER, LUNG, PERICARDIUM. The neck jewelery also interupts 6 meridians: - small intestine, the bladder, the gall bladder, stomach, triple warmer.

These are some tips on how to stay stylish and healthy. Do wear what you want just remember not more than 4 hours. Love and light, Tanya Hadzhieva

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