Beliefs & Perceptions

Today we will talk about how believes and perceptions shape our genetics. I was recently signed up for Dr. Bruce Lipton's online course. What I would like to do is to share some of my notes with you. You might find them helpful. DNA is affected by the enviornment, only 1% of the diseases are actually caused by genetic mutations that can be passed from relatives and history in the family. What about the rest 99% where they come from you may ask?

According to Dr.Lipton beliefs and perceptions control our health. Life style, beliefs and emotions are the key to health and wellness. You have power over your own body. The Myth Genes Cause Breast Cancer Cells are controlled by enviornmental signals not genes. The membrane is controlling the genetic material. In the membrane there is water and water has memory as we already know it has been scientificaly proven.There is no gene that actually causes cancer. We are shaping our genes by what we belieave and what are our perceptions about life.

Vaccines and Tonsils In this chapter we will dicuss what is the role of vaccines and the nature the immune system. The immune system of infants is not fully develop until they reach 3 years of age. To put a vaccine into a baby is a crime. The antibodies needed for the baby to be protected are in the mother's milk. The body will not recognize the vaccine and it will only mess up the whole system. Vaccines that are done throw the skin are not natural that is why the body has tonsils.

Nature of tonsils - It is misleading to think and teach that tonsils primal function is to protect the body from bacteria and germs. Tonsils collect bacteria so the immune system can learn and react with antibodies. Vaccines are supposed to be done orally, not through the skin which confuses the system that has a lot of intelligene to it. Tonsils are not to protect us, but the help the body learn about the enviornment. The body doesn't kill every patogen that is different from human cell. On the contrary we have more bacteria in our body than human cells. The microbiome helps us to survive and evolve. The human being is a superorganism. Antibiotics can kill good and bad bacteria so be aware to take probiotic after you finish the antibiotic couse that will restore the microbiome and bring balance. We are the creators of our lives, we are no victims of circumstances. Perceptions and enviornment can shape our genetic material. '' The Biology of Belief''- Bruce Lipton I hope you found this information helpful for your well being. Sending good vibes coming your way! Love and Light, Tanya Hadzhieva

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