Dendrotherapy is nothing new. Beneficial properties of trees for have been appreciated for centuries. It is a branch of folk medicine – a method of healing by the help of healing trees. Some trees emit energy which is very subtle and has a soothing effect on the human body. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

The energy of healing trees also has a soothing effect on the nervous system and allows you to relax.

The best varieties are oak, pine, and birch but rowan, cedar, apple, plum, and locust are almost as equally valuable. At the same time, there are trees that have a negative impact on your body.

Healers also recommend climbing the trees, in order to exchange your strength with the tree’s and take in as much strength of the tree as possible. Many people build their houses in the woods and children instinctively climb trees. Biologist have done a test by crushing pine needles and leaves of a birch and after that they put unclean water on top of them. Observing the whole process under a microsope they realized that the microbes on the pine disappeared after 10 min and 15 min for the birch leaves. What is the best time to do the Dendrotherapy? The best time to do this type of therapy is early in the morning or between 16:00pm or 18:00 pm. The trees are less active during the winter, their energy potential drops with 50-70% for the deciduous and 15-25% for the coniferous. Healing powers of the trees ? OAK In anciant times many tribes prefered to hide in oak forests. They belived that the oak trees have a healing powers. The oak is a powerful positive energy generator helping the brain activity process. It is a wondderful remedy for stress, activating the blood flow and the protective mechanisms of the immune system. Also helps chronic diseases and helps faster recovery after an illness. Staying in an oak forest will nornalize your blood pressure and sooths poliartritis. Birch One of the most honorable trees. The Birch is considered for a sunny and pure tree that brings happiness and light in any house. The white cover on the tree helps with all kinds of illness removing it from the person. It is a source of vital energy which helps with colds and flu symptoms. Helps you to consentrate your strengths and attention. The tree ionizes the air and sooths the nerve tension. Increases the tonus of the blood vessels and helps with heart problems. The birch juice is full of vitamins and minerals which makes it a great source for vitalizing the whole body after the winter period. Pine The pine increases the overall tonus of the body and the resilience, takes away the fatigue and stress symtoms. Staying in a pine forest for a long time can heal your cold and cough completely. The pine is great for removing stress and negative energy from the enviornment. Direct contact with the tree rescues your from negative thoughts and nervousness by helping yoou to be in balance. Long time around pine trees can help with chronic disease of the upper respiratory tract. Aspen In the wood bark of this tree there are salicin, glycozide which falls into aspirin in the human body. It determines the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of the bark. The aspen is one of the favorite trees of Dr. Bach. Willow

The tree brings really santimental mood, but it has a huge capabilities for healing.

The bark of this tree contains taninnis,glycosylated salicylic acid,ascorbic acid,pectin, lignin ,ect.This is the reason why the bark has an anti-inflamatory, anticeptic, toning and analgesic effect. Increases blood clotting and reduces urine excretion. The weeping willow is mostly used for hypotension. The biofiled of the willow can help you with fever or high tempreture, skin irritations or intestinal disturbances. Poplar

The is the most common tree in big cities. It has a double effect it can be healing and also causing pain as well. The poplar takes the negative energy away from the enviornment, but if it grows close to your windows it can cause headache. Chestnut It helps with pains in the joins, boost the blood flow, reduces nerve tension, heals rheumatic illnesses, expanded veins or persistent cough. Last but not the least it helps the metabolism. Linden, Clear & Apple Linden will help you to drop a high temperature, and to boost the healing process with cough and flu symtoms. Linden tea sooths the nerve system and also is considered to help with love sadness- it is enough to hug the tree for 10 min to feel the relief. Overall the three trees help the toning and boosting the immune system taking away the fetigue and strees symtoms. When you feel distressed, tense or sad, press your palms and back (along the spinal column) tightly against such a tree. Do it in the same manner children do when they hide behind a tree and play hide and seek! It is an excellent method for alleviating irritability and tension.If you are dealing with problems related to internal organs, just hug a tree as if it is a dear friend. But keep in mind that it’s not recommended to spend more than 20 minutes in such a hug.Trees provide some kind of protection in their growing areas. A warning sign is when trees surrounding a house are in poor condition. In this case, the owner of the house must know that something isn’t right. Therefore it is important to understand the messages from nature and to learn how to interact.

Love and light, Tanya Hadzhieva

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