Mind Body Connection Feedback

Dear friends, I would like to share my experience with The Mind Body Connection Seminar in London. I met Dr. Demartini personally and listened to his lecture for 3 hours and honestly I was blown away from his knowledge and intelligece. He is a magnificant person that has helped many people in their life journey. Here is some tips I learned from the whole lecture presented from Yes Group London!

1) Perception controls our phycology 2) For a healthy life we need to life according our highest values 3) Values are the corner stone to health and wellness 4)Thoughs and Feelings impack our life 5) Values form Perceptions, Perceptions effect Decisions, Decisions trigger Actions 6) The perceptions create epigenetic response 7) Ill brain create Illess 8)Cells have intelegence! More than a Doctor Degree !! 9) Eat to Live - health, NOT live to eat - illness 10)Love is the geatest healer. Love is when you support and challange the other equally! 11) When you value yourself, the world values you. 12) Priority to your life to master your life! 13)The body give signals of disease when you do not live according to your highest values. 14) The body helps you to live a magnificent life and fullfil your destiny! 15) When you Love, have Purpose and you are Centered and Present you are healthy! If you want to learn more of how to heal yourself you can visit Dr.Demartini.com website for more information.

Photo with Dr.Demartini at the Yes Group London Event!

Love and light, Tanya Hadzhieva

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