Healing my kidneys with the healthy box

Hello Everyone, I would like to share a my own experience with having kidney stones. I was diagnosed back in Januay 2018 that I have 6 stones in each kidney. I did experince a very sharp pain and crusis. I was waiting 3 months till May to be seen by a specialist and then they made an appoitnment for urgent uteroscopy. Here in UK urgent means you wait 3 months until to get an operation. My date was on 19th of August 2018. They did the procedure and could not find anything the stones have disapperaed. The doctor was amazed and asked me what have I done to remove them as they were persistent for 6 months already. I said I did not know when they have passed as I did not feel them. The only thing I was doing was using the bio energetic and therapeutic devices that were recommended to me by a friend of mine. The Healthy Box I was using for 3 weeks strapped around the place I felt pain and also I was drinking liquied that have been charged through the Activator '' Spring''. If you know anyone that needs help with pain managment I strongly recommend it. Love and Light, Tanya Hadzhieva

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