Lightning Strikes


Have you ever been in love?

Well, I have. Let me tell you how it feels!

Time stops when we're together nothing else matters, but him. Hours together seemed like just moment, I notice every detail, his eyelashes trembling from the sunlight on the beach.

Honesty, openness, no judgement, just us.

Hugging together, no need for words, just silence and two hearts beating simultaneously, priceless. We both shine our heavenly light on to grow and expand. To fight fear, anxiety negative talks from the outside world, we break the mask. We touch gently exploring our perfectly matching bodies, the sensation of my fingertips feeling his soft mocha skin, makes my whole body trembling wanting more. Our Lips Are perfectly matching together - the size, the softness when we kiss we lose each other as we both one no separation. Our conversations are always deep touching every sense and emotion. I believe he is my soulmate as we make love we intertwine in another dimension. We are devoted to each other and giving full satisfaction to the other with a heart full of passion.

Passion to give, passion to eat the other like a hungry animal. This desire I see in his dark brown chocolate eyes, mocha skin sexy body that Drives every single cell in my body to Heaven. My hands melting in his curly black hair, leaving me breathless. At that moment the chemistry goes off the roof, his magic touch and kisses when we make love make me want to know more to experience more. When I bite my lip gazing at his eyes he knows this moment I'm ready for the kiss. Kiss not like any other, I can feel the taste, the sweetness, then the lightning strikes:

Back to reality, I sense the separation winning:

Religions, two unhappy parents- I couldn't care less ...but here we go the lightning strikes again:

He brings me back to reality when he says: I want to let you go!

And he did let me go. He says fear is bigger than the love we share. I feel powerless, I feel so small, I feel lost.

Then I realise how much power the outside world has over us, I realise I have to stay strong, grounded, true to myself to be able to continue to love.

In your arms, you hold me tight

I thought you will never let me go through the night.

All my dreams were peaceful because of you

Holding me in your arms like you do.

Today my heart is aching for a man

that is far away and I have to understand

No matter what I do

He is ready to let go.

Sexy body and a charming smile

are now somewhere in a mile away

Dark black curly hair and a deep chocolate eyes

Magic touch and a nice vibe.

What do I do?

When I am still in love with you?

You walked away, I have no choice.

You broke my heart, you tore me apart.

Every moment I wait for you,

Lying to myself our love was true.

You absence make more tears flow

That is when I know,

I have to let go.

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