The No Pill Solution

I have the pleasure of introducing you to a wonderful non-medication the treatment TesMedica became aware of back in 1994. "The phenomenon of transcranial selectivity through the electrical impact of the brain's defence mechanisms." In today's dynamic, stressful and challenging daily life with an unhealthy environment and unhealthy fast food, the human body is becoming increasingly breathless. Diseases little known until a century ago such as allergies and autoimmune syndromes have emerged in large numbers. There is a boom in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, not to mention neurogenic diseases, depression and neuroses. In response to the "demand", pharmaceutical companies are offering more and more expensive drugs, but we are seeing that in most cases they are not solving problems, they just extinguish them by suppressing the symptoms. Not to mention the unwanted side effects, drug dependencies and drug allergies. Against this background, increasingly organic (herbal) medicines, acupuncture and non-drug methods are becoming more prominent methods of treatment. This is exactly the method we propose for Transcranial Electrostimulation / TES-therapy / which I call endorphin therapy.

•Anaesthesia; •Normalization of blood pressure and cardiovascular activity; •Normalization of metabolism and homeostasis of the cell; •Regeneration of tissues, including nerve tissues; •Enhancement and activation of immunity, positive immunomodulation; •Normalization of hormonal status; •Tumor growth retardation; •Removal of withdrawal syndromes; •Powerful anti-stress effect; •Delayed ageing processes. To read more about the device benefits, please visit: For any inquiry email:

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