/for treatment of liquids and water using the shower hose/


The Device

The Activator is our own creation. It is designed for domestic usage in the bathroom but it could be used as an easily transportable device for activating water which flows through any kind of pipes with an outside diameter of 24mm or less. It does not matter if the speed of the flowing water is low or high so the result is always consistent.

The activator is tested in a licenzed laboratory and its effect is proven by measuring the three main characteristics of water - PH balance, conductivity and hardness. It is a small but powerfull generator of positive life energy in the fluid, going through its central part. Our tests showed that after taking a shower with influenced by the activator water the body becomes quite toned and the effect is kept for about 6-7 hours after that. The use of this device could have positive influence not only on your body but on your mind as well. The water influenced by the device could be used for growing crops or having animals drink it.


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  • Principle of Work

    The Activator induces a strong positive charge in the passing water by changing its structure, improving its qualities so it becomes closer to spring water. The taste is also different and most people could notice it immediately. The material of the pipes does not matter at all but if the Activator is placed too close to the lower part of the shower battery, the power is reduced in half. When the device is within 1-1,5cm from the lower part of the battery, then the influence of the device is on 100%.

    The way of the energy induction, done by the activator is a know-how owned by "Caduceus Bulgaria" LTD and there are no analogies worldwide regarding its power and size.


    Way of Operation

    Unwind the hose from the lower part of the shower battery. Put it through the hole in the Activator and wind it on its place. Using the metal pins in the package tighten the Activator on the chosen mode /very close to the battery - 50% power, 1 to 1,5cm from the battery - 100% power/. Have one of the pins placed on the lower part of the activator and stick it on the hose. The second pin should be placed parallel on the opposite side. This way the Activator is placed horizontally and does not move freely.

    This kind of placement allows removing the pins when cleaning the bathroom, then you could slide the activator, clean the battery and place everything back on its place as explained earlier.


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