Product's History 

The technology on which our products are based is very, very ancient. It is supposed to originate from the time of Atlantis and Lemuria. Over the centuries it has been actively used by Thracian kings, Egyptian pharaohs, Mayan priests and Chinese emperors to revitalize the body. The main - the technical creation of a highly bioenergy/orgone, zero-point field, which passes through a golden surface of high purity. The positive field directs the body, water or food from a golden surface with a purity of 23-24 carats of active ions that charge with vital energy. The end result is a powerful immune system - hence stable health, longer life and a higher level of awareness leading to making the right decisions in problem situations. In ancient times, kings, aristocrats and priests have put golden masks and even whole golden garments and spent much time in Thracian mounds, pyramids, temples, or megalithic facilities. A variety of this technology is a well-kept secret from Masonic societies - accessible to very few people.
Now, this knowledge is at hand for everyone. Just use the products we've developed and offer - Drink water over Energizer, use any health care and Healthy Box OK, protect your home with Harmonizer, and the car and yourself with the Caduceus. Neutralize or prevent yourself with a Neutralizer of Geotaphogenic Shield Areas, and for skin health and cleansing externally auspicious negative programs, bathe with water that has passed through the Activator. To amplify some of our products, use our new Aggarta-1 power generator. By including it, the positive effect is at an even higher level. Tested in real conditions and endlessly useful technology.
The ancient knowledge of kings, aristocrats and priests - in a powerful, beautiful and user-friendly version of all!


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