10 ways to improve your brain's ability to detoxify

January 12, 2018


Sleep is one of the most critical things you can
do to improve your brain’s ability to detoxify. The
glymphatic system is the waste clearance system
that our brain uses to clear toxins.
During sleep, the glymphatic system becomes
10 times more active than during wakefulness.
Simultaneously, your brain cells shrink by about
60 percent, allowing for greater efficiency of waste
Create a safe sleeping location that improves restorative
sleep and optimizes your glymphatic system.
• Improve your pineal gland’s production of
melatonin by sleeping in a completely dark
room. Use black out shades in your bedroom.
• Sleep at 5 degree incline:
Inclined Bed Therapy
• Reduce EMF exposure
Do not bring your iPhone, iPads, or other electronics
into your bedroom. While not having Wifi
in your home is preferred, turning off your Wifi at
nighttime reduces your cumulative exposure.
Liposomal Melatonin
Melatonin not only improves sleep, but it is a potent
neuroprotective that clears the brain of heavy
metals and pathogens
• Liposomal delivery enhances absorption
Choose a high quality liposomal melatonin
to ensure that it can be readily absorbed and
utilized by your brain
Order Now: Biopure liposomal Melatonin
• Reduce blue light exposure before bedtime
to improve melatonin production

Avoid Heavy Metals
Heavy metals are linked to neurological disease
• Mercury can poison glial cells in the brainand lead to neurodegeneration.
Remove amalgam fillings safelyWork with a Biological Dentist and Naturopathic/Functional Medicine Physician to safelyremove amalgam fillings and reduce yourmercury burden
.• Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s

Drink silica rich water (Volvic or Fiji) to increaseyour urinary excretion of aluminum
• Lead can interfere with the production ofBDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor)and GABA. BDNF facilitates the growth ofnew neurons. GABA signals astrocytes todecrease inflammation in the brain and
alsosupports the glymphatic system
Reduce lead : Biopure Chlorella:

• Boost BDNF naturally with exercise, sleep,and stress reduction
• Support GABA productionQuicksilver Liposomal GABA

Avoid Living in aMoldy Home
Are you experiencing brain fog, inflammation, cognitiveimpairment? If you live in a home that haswater damage, it is likely that harmful molds can becontributing to your symptoms.
• Test your home

• Unburden your liver from mycotoxins
with binders
Coffee enemas:
Chlorella, Charcoal, Clay:
• Find a doctor who understands mold illness
Sophia Health Institute: 
Surviving Mold:

Reduce your Exposureto Glyphosate
Avoid GMO foods and do not use Round Up.
• Genetically modified foods areAlfalfa, canola, corn, cotton, sorghum, soybeans,sugarbeets, and wheat.Wheat is sprayed with glyphosate before it isharvestedGlyphosate has a number of known harmful effectsi n our body. Glyphosate has several mechanismsthat increase the permeability of our gut liningwhich allows for aluminum to be more readilyabsorbed. Glyphosate and Aluminum can affect thepineal gland’s production of melatonin and affectour sleep leading to decreased neuroprotection. 

Essential Fats
Our brains are made up of fat. Support your brainhealth, nerves, and cell membranes by incorporatinghealthy fats into your diet.Supplements to support healthy fats:

Salmon oil
BioPure LipoSorb:
BioPure LipoWell:

Improve yourDental Health

Your teeth develop from the same embryologicaltissues as your nervous system. Each tooth sits onan acupuncture meridian and has a connection toyour body’s organ systems. The health of the mouthaffects the functioning of the vagus nerve. Thevagus nerve is the tenth cranial nerve and has animportant role in regulating your autonomic nervoussystem.Work with a biological dentist to learn more abouthow to safely remove toxic materials and infectionsfrom your mouth.
The International Academy of Oral Medicineand Toxicology: 
Swiss- BioHealth: 
Know your dental history.
Do you have?Amalgams-silver fillings that contain mercuryRoot canals-dead teeth that can become asource of infection and toxicity over timeCavitations-necrotic bone that develops frompoorly extracted teeth and/or compromisedimmune system

Improve LymphDrainage in your Neck
Improving the lymphatic drainage in your neckwill allow the lymph from your brain to flow morereadily downstream.Self Lymphatic Drainage Video: Find Out MoreCranial Compressions: Find Out MoreBiokind Deo-apply to neck, collar bones, underarms,groin, and bottom of feet at bedtime.

Support your Organsof Elimination

This a foundational approach to any naturopathicdetoxification protocol. By improving the exit routes ofyour body, you are able to more safely detoxify.Some examples of supporting your organs ofelimination include:
• Skin - sweat
• Kidneys - drink water, ionic foot baths, electrolytes
• Liver - castor oil packs, coffee enemas
• Colon - avoid food allergies, balance themicrobiome, and having daily bowel movements
• Lungs - clean air, deep breathing
• Lymphatic system - dry skin brushing,

Binders bind to toxins that are eliminated from the
liver through bile. Binders can bind specifically to
heavy metals, mycotoxins, endotoxins, biotoxins,
and other environmental toxins. Binders help
eliminate these toxins through the stool so they
are not re-circulated through the enterohepatic


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