Top 10 Tips to DETOX LIKE A PRO

January 16, 2018

I am so excited about detox! It’s truly a passion of
mine because metal and chemical detox helped
me to finally reach my health goals after I had tried
everything to feel better.
If you have a lack of energy, brain fog or are suffering
from a chronic disease or condition, I guarantee
you that toxin accumulation is contributing to the
Don’t feel like you have to do everything on this list.
Think of this checklist as many things from which
you can choose that resonate with you. Start with
one or two items and add as you have time in your 
Detox is not something you do once a year - it’s a
lifestyle. You’ll do it intensely for a few months and
then take a break. But then start again. Success
comes with consistency like anything in life.
Detox is definitely something you want to do for
the rest of your life. Daily, you are bombarded with
toxins from the air, food and water. You need to
detox consistently to stay ahead of the curve.


A few things that I supplement with daily to maximize detox are:
If you have time, do these detox protocols a few times a week:
• Silica
• Modified Citrus Pectin
• Infrared Sauna
• Coffee enemas

1 . Minerals detox the body 

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for detoxification. Magnesium binds to toxic metals such as mercury, aluminum and lead and excretes them from the body.Magnesium is an important co-factor to your entire liver detoxification process to -eliminate harmful toxins from your body. My favorite is spray magnesium.

2. Silica binds metals that reduce energy 

Silica is a mineral that when chemically altered and taken daily can have a dramatic effect on your energy levels. I only recommend specific silica products that have a particular affinity for metals that reduce energy. There is a family of toxic metals that interfere in mitochondria function. Your mitochondria make your body’s energy. These metals interfere in that process. Remove the metals and your body can make more energy.

3.Modified citrus pectin binds to metals and chemicals

You can’t do any type of detox program without binders! When detoxing with any supplement
or protocol, binders help to absorb metals and chemicals, reducing detox symptoms. You’ll be miserable without a binder. This is the biggest mistake most novice detoxers make.Modified citrus pectin is a completely natural binder that is beneficial for detox, feeding good gut bugs and even killing cancer cells!



Another favorite supplement that I take daily is Milk Thistle Oil. Milk Thistle helps to protect the liver while ridding the body of toxins. Milk Thistle possesses antioxidant properties that help reverse the effects of metals, pesticides and toxins in our air and water.


 5. Zeolite- A powerful binder 

have found that Zeolite is one of the easiest and best ways to detox if you cannot afford the time or expense of a rigorous detox
program. Zeolite binds to toxic heavy metals like mercury, chemicals, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds – what carpets and
furniture emit), radioactive toxins, mold and free radicals. Because zeolite carries a natural negative (-) charge, all of the positively charged (+) toxins bond with the zeolite.

6.Sweat out the toxins in an infrared sauna 
Infrared Saunas are the most effective protocol to detox metals and chemicals from your fat. These saunas are not only great for detox, but they also kill infections like parasites, yeast, and mold. By sweating toxins out through your skin, they bypass the need to be detoxed by the liver. Do a daily near infrared sauna and your liver will thank you. There are so many types of saunas out there? Which one should you choose?

 7. Cleanse your liver with coffee enemas

Coffee enemas increase glutathione and provide a means for your liver to ‘dump’ its toxic load of chemicals and heavy metals into the intestines for elimination. The theobromine, the ophylline, palmitic acid and caffeine in the coffee travel via the portal vein from your rectum directly to the liver. These substances dilate blood vessels and open up the bile ducts allowing the liver to release bile, which contains toxins.



8. Eat your veggies 

Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts contain sulphur, which help support detoxification. But you must also have fiber to remove heavy metals from your colon! The fiber binds up metals so you excrete them. Fiber is nature’s ultimate toxic metal binder.

 9. Antioxidants detox the body

For every molecule of toxin metabolizedin phase I (such as from cigarette smoke orpesticides), you generate one free radical molecule. Free radicals damage DNA and accelerate wear and tear in the body, similar to rust on a car. Taking vitamin C, Alphalipoic acid, flavonoids, carotenoids, and glutathione helps neutralize the free radicals you’re making each day in phase I.


 10. Detox with antioxidant rich foods

You want to each foods rich in flavonoids: berries, parsley, onions, green and black tea, citrus, and dark chocolate. Carotenoidsalso help you detox. Get them from carrots,pumpkin, squash, plantains, spinach, and sweet potato. Green juice is great for detox too because it’s rich in antioxidants and minerals.





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