I have been practising Reconnective Healing for a number of years. This is my personal story about how I became a practitioner of this Life changing Practice!

My Personal Story 

 Always remember :No one is you and that is your power!

Tanya  Hadzhieva

My journey of becoming a Reconnective Healing Practitioner was a huge life transformation. It all started 2012  when I was suffering from depression, after a loss of a dear one to living my full potential and guiding others to do the same 2 years after. 

I serve to connect humanity with the Intelligence of the Reconnective Healing® frequencies, to make infinite healing and evolution fully accessible, transparent and easily learned by everyone.

At that moment I realized TIME is precious, we only have the NOW. I am dedicated to establishing a new heresy to bring the world the new ways of healing, that come as an addition to the scientific approach.

I have always been interested in the spiritual realm and working with energies started from early childhood. During I have studied Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, Crystal healing, Color healing, Tarot, Yoga, Epigenetics, Sound Therapy, Nutrition and a lot more to help me see the bigger picture of what we call LIFE.


London, United Kingdom      Tel. +447516851307    Email: thereturnofthesoul@gmail.com


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